Comic Compulsion – On the Reel: Power Rangers

I firmly believed that this movie was going to be the destruction of my childhood on film. I did not support it by buying the toys or sharing the trailer. I saw the trailer and thought about how I wasn’t that fond of the suits, since they look like tactical armor now. In the trailer when I saw them jump, I thought this is going to be everything I hate in remakes all in one movie.

I loved Power Rangers growing up and even mention it in one of my unboxings. Tommy was my favorite (of course) and Kimberly was second. I watched until Power Rangers in Space and used to watch the movie all the way through the end credits, an anomaly for this kid. I’m not a super fan, but it holds a special place in my heart.

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Comic Compulsion – On the Reel: Logan

And finally we get the Logan we’ve all been waiting to see! The beautifully gory masterpiece satisfies the craving to finally show Wolverine in all his glory. I honestly would not have thought the director of The Wolverine made this film. The Wolverine and Logan are like polar opposites. There’s a brief nod but other than that this film is like a stand alone.

This happens to be another fine opportunity to spend your money on a solid movie that is rated R so that movie studios stop fearing and focus on making a good movie by showing them you’ll still spend money means that when movies like Spawn come around they won’t try to push them into PG-13 for the sake of sales.

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Comic Compulsion – On the Reel: Lego Batman

I don’t want to ruin this one for anyone, so this review actually will NOT HAVE SPOILERS!! Some basic things to know about my experience, first I have not seen the Lego Movie, so there might be some basic references to this movie that I might have missed but I don’t think it impacted my experience at all, and secondly I am not the biggest Batman fan ever. I really enjoy Batman, but I grew up in a Marvel household. Batman was the one of the only exceptions but I wasn’t really exposed to much about Batman or the DC Universe growing up. Most of my knowledge about the lineage of Batman comes from the Adam West movie and the 80’s movie line, Batman the Animated Series, Some of the Animated movies, the Arkham video games, a few comics (Mostly ones with Harley Quinn and Joker), and the last Batman V Superman movie. I know of a lot OF characters like Calendar Man and Clayface but don’t know the history or various story lines of these characters. I really do have an appreciation for the Batman characters and hope at some point to delve more into the DC Universe, but that’s for another day, and possibly another review, so now on to the movie.

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