Comic Compulsion – On the Reel: Power Rangers

I firmly believed that this movie was going to be the destruction of my childhood on film. I did not support it by buying the toys or sharing the trailer. I saw the trailer and thought about how I wasn’t that fond of the suits, since they look like tactical armor now. In the trailer when I saw them jump, I thought this is going to be everything I hate in remakes all in one movie.

I loved Power Rangers growing up and even mention it in one of my unboxings. Tommy was my favorite (of course) and Kimberly was second. I watched until Power Rangers in Space and used to watch the movie all the way through the end credits, an anomaly for this kid. I’m not a super fan, but it holds a special place in my heart.

I have never been so wrong about a film. This film is amazing. Truly everything I could have wanted in a remake. This film has so many fan service shots and references for the original, I just about fan girl screamed in the theater.

After seeing many remakes that try to not be like the original or “this ain’t yo grandaddy’s _____”, I’ve grown to expect distancing and sometimes all out ignoring in remakes. Using the title in name only to get butts in seats and exploit fans and their desire to relive their fandom a through new films.

All I was hoping for were about 3 things. 1) Call them the Power Rangers in the movie. Just say it. At least once. 2) Use the theme. Somewhere, I don’t care where, but use the theme. And finally 3) please let the Mega Zord look cool.

I was so surprised by the amount of loving references to the original show. In addition, all my simple hopes were met! I actually liked the characters and the acting was very reminiscent of the show. The zoids look great in action and they actually explain a little on how they move, which I thought was interesting.

The movie gives Rita a backstory I don’t remember her having, but I really liked it.  I didn’t feel like it was too forced or explained too much like I have seen in many other remakes and reboots.

Don’t forget to stay for the mid credit sequence too!! It really gets me excited for the next one!!

Overall, I have to say, I was so happy with this movie, that I hope remakes start paying attention to this format and start giving fans what they really want. I good movie with acknowledgement on what got them there!

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