Mouse Minute – 50th Anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland 

I love when Disney decides to have special events in the park! When Pirates of the Caribbean turned 50, Disney decided it was time for a short anniversary celebration. I was completely surprised by this because the Food and Wine event is happening in California Adventure and the Electric Light Parade is still happening in Disneyland. Overlapping events happen sometimes but more often then not events happen one day apart. More surprising though is that the event was only from Thursday to Saturday!

I’m definitely glad I got to go and for those of you that didn’t, the anniversary celebration might actually be a test screening for special foods and such for the new movie, so we might get more of these items in the park later *fingers crossed* and more of our resident Captain Jack walking the shores of New Orleans Square.

So let’s get into the ups and downs of the weekend.

Starting with the ups…

The Golden Churros were amazing!! Imagine your favorite fruity cereal…but a churro! Now since there’s a good chance they’ll bring back the stein (I’ll get to that) I really hope they bring these back too! Even better was the fact that you could get both a Golden Churro and a Regular Churro at the same booth! The Golden Churros had this silver edible glitter and yellow sugary dust on top of them. I kept watching to go back and get another one but the line was never less than 20 people (and rightly so!)

The Lost Treasure Beignets were good but I almost wished they had a dipping sauce or filling. They were coated in a similar sugar but it didn’t seem to stick as well as it had on the Churros. Their light airy dough was distinctly different from the dense churro and I did enjoy that despite sharing some things they were different experiences, bother pleasant in their own right.

The freebies were a nice touch too. When you bought anything (even food) you got the Pirate Speak Card and a rub on tattoo. The button was handed out when you enter the park. Have to say I half expected the button but was surprised by the card and tattoo.

And the downs…

I was excited to try the Jolly Roger Punch. I imagined all of the fruits blending into this harmonious drink that I would surely lap up every bit of. Unfortunately, it was very sweet. Extremely sweet! Moth puckering, scrunched fave making sweet! So sweet I tried mellowing it out with water and was unsuccessful at taming the fruity beast. I think this was a good idea, but please add water.

I didn’t even see the merchandise. I got to the park and was let in at about 7:45AM. There had been a magic morning so there were already people on the park, already in line to buy merchandise. The main merch that I knew about were the  T-shirts and pins. From what I overheard most people wanted the shirts.

For those of you who aren’t Disney collectors, the park gets crazy for merchandise releases. Disney fans usually have their “thing” or two. Some collect shirts with events on them, others like myself collect pins and buttons. There are even people who collect the souvenir mugs and popcorn buckets!

I was there on a mission – I wanted the souvenir stein! The stein is a cute carved looking mug you should google. I got in line early but after 15 minutes of waiting was told that there wouldn’t be any and to leave the line by a man in suit style clothing and a Disney name tag.

Online there had been 4 locations posted about where the steins would be sold. What I would come to find out later was that it seemed that early that morning they had been told to pull steins from 3 of the locations and put them at one location only. Needless to say this did not go over well with trained Disney collectors. I didn’t bother getting in line again, but did overhear cast members talking and saying it will be coming back in May, so this may just be a case of waiting till the heat dies down. This also give me hope that other parts might be making an appearance later when the steins return.

Well until that day comes, I’m going to get ready to dig into California Adventure’s Food and Wine event!

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