Comic Compulsion – On the Reel: Logan

And finally we get the Logan we’ve all been waiting to see! The beautifully gory masterpiece satisfies the craving to finally show Wolverine in all his glory. I honestly would not have thought the director of The Wolverine made this film. The Wolverine and Logan are like polar opposites. There’s a brief nod but other than that this film is like a stand alone.

This happens to be another fine opportunity to spend your money on a solid movie that is rated R so that movie studios stop fearing and focus on making a good movie by showing them you’ll still spend money means that when movies like Spawn come around they won’t try to push them into PG-13 for the sake of sales.

Now Logan wasn’t the best film I’ve seen lately but I do feel strongly about it. I was worried that by not knowing the Old Man Logan storyline I might not be able to catch up or understand he film but that is not even close! The film actually utilizes a  lot of the vagueness in able artful way that doesn’t draw focus from the main storyline. Now I was confused a bit about one thing and I’ll tack on a little spoilers area at the bottom, but even with that I still really enjoyed this film!

The cinematography was so visually appealing because after the last couple, it was a wonderful change of pace to see real locations! To see actors actually on location and not green screen! The look and feel was a nice dark and gritty without losing sight of its action.

If Suicide Squad were all action and sparkles and Batman V. Superman were all grit this is the happy medium. A serious storyline that you don’t walk away being reminded of all the suffering and pain of real life. This movie is actually pretty sad but it carries everything along and doesn’t dwell or beat you over the head. The action seems appropriate and doesn’t feel disruptive to the emotional story.
Overall this movie was worth my time and money. If you like Wolverine or the X-men or Marvel, it’s worth it and gives a nice closure to the story. Trust me, your not being fooled a third time this really is the Wolverine you’ve been looking for!








Now I did have a couple problems with the film. The main being that Laura randomly not only speaks English suddenly but is her own translator. That did bug me right from the start. Ok, she doesn’t speak, no problem. Ok she speaks only Spanish, no problem. Wait she speaks Spanish and English, then why speak Spanish at all when you’ve been listening to them speak English the whole time?

The second being that the other kids seem to all speak clear English. But they were grown in Mexico. So none of the nurses spoke to them in Spanish, except apparently our main character? Who only speaks struggled English?

Third, there were not that many kids in the photo. Really small thing,but in the photo it is like 7 kids then when they get there it seems like way more than that! Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s the way some of the sequences were shot but I was like um…who are all these kids? Especially the leader one? But again, I could be completely wrong.

The main point I didn’t catch was that Professor X had killed the X-Men. I got that they weren’t around but I missed the news reporter saying that there were mutant casualties. That was totally on me though, not the film.

Despite its flaws and confusions I still can wait to add this movie to my collection when it comes out! And now I need to go back and read the comic! (And find out more about Caliban because he was so intriguing!)

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