Mouse Minute – Red Rose Tavern and Beauty and the Beast at Disneyland

I’ll be completely honest and open and say, I am not excited for the new Beauty and the Beast movie (I’m quite weary of it actually). I AM however super happy about the new Beauty and the Beast Merchandise, Food and return of the walk around Characters to the park. As well, even if you’re not excited to see the film, Disney has done an awesome job of releasing other merch from the original film to keep you interested and reminiscing about how much you loved the animated film. I was so excited to FINALLY get to try out the food in the park and get the experience I had longed for since watching the movie as a child!

Unfortunately the day I went it was raining a little so the walk arounds (specifically beast) weren’t there but I was so excited to go to the Red Rose Tavern to try some of the new foods!! Since it’s a new restaurant and a limited time experience there will always be a line. I probably got there early enough I could have waited in the LONG LONG line for the rose tumbler and Gaston’s mug, but I was ok passing on those items and just coming back later to try the food.

While waiting in line outside, I couldn’t help but look at the beautiful setting.

I’ll be honest in saying I can’t recall much about the Pinocchio restaurant that used to be at this location. I remember going in once and not finding it much better than any other restaurant. As a picky eater I was happy they served burgers and fries but liked the atmosphere of other restaurants in the park better so this spot quickly fell to the bottom of my list. Somehow I don’t recall the outside being so magical. Perhaps much has changed, perhaps nothing more than a new paint job, but the building truly reminds me of a small village now, and has an aura of a fairy tale nostalgia I never got from Pinocchio’s.

The inside is just as wonderful as the out, as you walk through the doors and are greeted with a big red curtain and the name of the restaurant emblazoned across it.

To the right the dining area is designed to look like the tavern in the movie, with Gaston’s picture hanging and antlers all about. To the left, it is more themed to the castle, with stained glass and an antique shelf holding what looks like Mrs. Potts at the top.

In front there are large menus with the rise as the centerpiece of the room.

I have to give credit to the cast members because they are so quick in making sure everyone is dispersed into a line as quickly as possible. It can feel a little intimidating because there are so many people inside but thanks to them, you never feel confused as to what you should do.

There seems to be a wide variety of food offerings, which would make it easy to come back for a meal or two to try different things. It would also be great if you have a family that doesn’t necessarily want to eat a flatbread pizza with Italian food, and would prefer to have a burger. The Mrs. Potts rice crispy I’m sure has made a few kids (and adults like me) day too.

I wasn’t sure what to get since I don’t really eat fancy burgers (which seems to be this restaurants specialty) or flatbread (which did look good), so I thought I would start with the Pomme Frites (Fries), and the Slow Cooked Beef Poutine (without onions). I also knew I HAD to get the Grey Stuff and Gaston’s Famous Brew. The line is handled like some other Disney restaurants (Smokejumpers Grill comes to mind first), and while waiting for my food I couldn’t help but keep looking back at the details on the balcony above the waiting area. Between the paintings on the walls and the balcony showing the rest of the market, it was everything I could have wanted short of an exact replica of the dining hall or tavern.

The Slow Cooked Beef Poutine was sensational!! The meat was so succulent and fell apart with my fork barely tearing in. The fries held the meat perfectly and the waffle pattern assured they kept a crunch while still absorbing some of the gravy on from the meat. I personally wasn’t a fan of the cheese curds, most definitely a first in my life, and actually felt they were unnecessary. While they added an herbaceous flavor I didn’t much care for it combined with the rich meat.

The Pomme Frites were a basic seasoned french fry, everything to be expected in a  and in a rare case I actually preferred the waffle fries to the seasoned fries.

Gaston’s Famous Brew was a delightfully dressed up apple juice. I quite enjoyed the blend between sweet and tart and felt it went well with the beef in the Poutine. The passion fruit foam actually did change the flavor a bit and I was pleased it was there.

The anticipation to try the Grey Stuff Gateau was mounting my entire meal. The delicious food proved to be a detraction until with a swipe of a plastic knife I got to see the inside. The fluffy cream holds a raspberry and red velvet center, a wonderful combination of textures. This by far was worth the wait. The shortbread like cookie beneath providing a crumble to the whipped cream, soft cake and thick raspberry jam filling this inside. This dessert was worth the wait since my childhood, and after completing it all I could think about was when I could get another.

In addition to all of the food at the Red Rose Tavern there are also new treats at the cart near where you can meet the princesses.

The Grey Stuff Twist (be sure to ask for the dipping sauce) is drastically different from the Grey Stuff dessert at the restaurant. This is much closer to a cookies and cream sauce with an Oreo filled twist. I did like it, but also got a cheese twists to cut the sweetness.

This is a much nicer version for portability but the flavors and textures are not quite as interesting or adventurous. This is a great dessert to know about though because it is a large enough snack to share and a satisfying dessert that doesn’t hold up your time in the park. Unfortunately I didn’t notice the rose punch until I was looking back on my pictures; guess the Grey Stuff was taking up all the room in my head that day.
The Red Rose Tavern offers a wonderful experience, between the ambiance and great food, I can see myself returning real soon and taking advantage of this park perk before it goes away!

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