Delight in Decay – On the Reel: Get Out

Wow. Simply wow. I have not seen such brilliant film making in so long a tear nearly streamed down my cheek as the credits began to roll. I don’t want to spoil anything in this review because I FIRMLY BELIEVE EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE! And I know some of you won’t do that when you know what’s happened. So now the big question is where to begin?

This film from a film making standpoint is beautiful. The use of colors and contrast throughout the film is inspiring. There are so many details within this movie that are such wonderful subtle hints that reinforce the main ideas. I love seeing a movie that cares about what ends up on screen and I absolutely believe these film makers did! Shots seem deliberate with intentional angles and subtle background details. This movie has such a crisp and clean look to it also, I really appreciated the style of it.

Aside from being a beautiful and caring film from a filmmaking stand point this is a wonderful film in general as well. The characters are realistic, and the responses are amazingly accurate! I am of…  lets just say a “racially ambiguous” persuasion, so I could absolutely relate to the main character Chris. Jordan Peele did an amazing job in capturing so many real life experiences and handling them delicately and without pulling focus from the main storyline. I swear I would easily watch this film again and again and each time I know I would find more subtle things in it that would make me love it more and more.

The true brilliance in this film is that it balances so many complex and tough subjects effortlessly with comedy. I never felt like the film was a comedy horror movie or that it was so terrifying that the comedy felt out of place. It was so evenly balanced with comedic moments have wonderful timing to be engaging and relieve tension, while never feeling uncomfortable or awkward.

I absolutely loved that I honestly never knew what was going to happen. The ending is incredible and made me want to give it a standing ovation. The symbolism is great, the conclusion for the characters is fitting and just, I felt rewarded and like the ending I had thought was going to happen was much worse that what they actually did (which is not always the case).

This is a magnificent film and lets not forget 2 things about it. #1, its Rated R. Hollywood repeatedly believes that movies that are Rated R are not worth their time or money. Deadpool did amazingly, Straight Outta Compton did wonderfully, Get Out is doing well. By seeing a movie like this in theaters you are encouraging production houses to start investing in movies you actually want to see, like a Rated R horror movie. #2 its a horror movie. While horror makes money in small amounts these days again it is not really considered a wise investment as far as most productions are concerned. By putting money into a horror movie that is worth it, it encourages investors to put money into other potentially great horror movies. Where you spend your money counts so much and this is a great movie to really send a message to studios and productions and say, ‘yes, this is what we want!’

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