Mouse Minute – AP Days 2017 Review 

AP Days is a wonderful time of year for those of us who regularly attend the park to get a special little shout out from the Disney powers that be. I know some people get disappointed that as a pass holder we pay quite a bit of money (and some of us might spend more than we should in the park too…*cough cough*me*cough cough*), some people feel like there should be more done for pass holders during AP Days. I can understand that and see where they are coming from, but I do really enjoy the Disney events and like the positive attitude of cast members and guests alike during AP Days.

Last year I was able to make it to the early February AP Days but missed the ones in the fall. I realize now that the experience was more confusing than I realized last year, I remember getting buttons but I think I didn’t take full advantage of the event last year like I did this year!

The biggest part of AP Days are the buttons. Everyone pines over the cute Annual Passholder Exclusive pressed buttons. This year AP Days was themed to Electrical Light Parade and the buttons were too cute. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go during the last week and missed out on the Elliot Button but the others are cute too!!

While in line to got into the AP lounge I got a little booklet that talked about facts of the Electrical Light Parade.


The AP lounge was a really nice centerpiece for the whole affair this year! The lounge was so spacious and made it so easy to go to the character meet and greets and buy exclusive merchandise all in one convenient place. 

There were two photo op areas in the lounge. The first is a big Electrical Light Parade background. I liked that it wasn’t just a large sign screaming AP, but fit nicely in with the theme.

The second was the character meet and greet. I loved this meet and greet set up! I’m only recently getting more interested in character meetings…mostly cause I kept forgetting to save the pictures. I think it’s so cool that they have fast passes for character meet and greets sometimes. I had never seen them before AP Days but really love the idea of being able to come back later for your photo! In addition, AP Days give Disney fans a great   chance to see characters that don’t usually roam the park.

There was also this cute area for crafts!
They had little flags for coloring and a punch out sheet to make a train. They were nice little bonuses to the event and it was cute seeing everyone coloring!

The merch for this year was really cute!!! I haven’t seen the Electric Light Parade yet but love the t shirts for AP Days!!! I could help but get them!!

I don’t generally buy much clothing while at Disneyland because I prefer to try on a clothing brand and get familiar with their sizes but I must say I was happily surprised when I got the women’s t-shirt! It fits wonderfully and is so comfortable! The cut is also very flattering. Which is great because the designs on the shirts are adorable!

I also collect Disney Pins, and was excited to hear they had an AP pin for this event. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t more elaborate at first. I had hoped for something like a ride with AP or character celebrating AP Days. Later the simplicity of the design started to grow on me and I started to like how it was a mini exact replica of the logo. I also got the matching lanyard for AP Days because it was a cute set with the pin!

My favorite part of AP Days is always the recipe cards. I LOVE collecting Disney official recipe cards. I buy so many of the Disney cookbooks too!! The recipe cards are such a cute little bonus for the event!!

Another favorite part of mine are the special desserts that were introduced for AP days. I was excited to see what they wee but a little disappointed that they were not in a little map I could take with me or on the map of events that you are given. They were mostly just posted I. He lounge which was dark and hard to remember.

The first dessert I got the opportunity to try was the Cheshire cat striped cookie. It reminded me a lot of the raspberry spritz cookie from the Festival of Holidays. I enjoyed this as a starter but I really enjoy their raspberry jam though, so I might be a bit biased.

I also tried the Electric Light Parade macaroon cream puff things because I thought they were part of the event. Again, had I had a better resource I wouldn’t have gotten confused, but since I did they were interesting.

I couldn’t quite pinpoint it but there was something to the lightly lemon macaroons on top that I want that fond of. Otherwise it was an ok dessert.
The second true dessert I tired for the event as the hazelnut cookie. I have to admit when I saw it was being sold at Starbucks I was skeptical. And I was right. The dessert was good. A light buttery cookie with hazelnut sprea on top. But it literally did taste like someone has just put Nutella on a cookie. I’m sure it would go great with coffee but as a special event treat I felt it was a little lacking.

This year they played a making of the Electrical Light Parade short in the Lincoln theater. I know a lot of people said it was boring but I enjoyed it. It was a little long but very interesting seeing why this was such an important parade for the times. I was a little disappointed though that it was the only film played throughout the the month. I feel like last year a different film played everyday and I do wish they would have met in the middle and changed it like every week.

Overall, this event was a lot of fun and I had something new to do almost every weekend. I wish it hadn’t rained so much so I could have spent more time each day I went but that’s ok, there’s always Food and Wine event and lots of other fun events coming up! I hope you’ll join me again on my next exciting Disneyland review!

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