Comic Compulsion – On the Reel: Lego Batman

I don’t want to ruin this one for anyone, so this review actually will NOT HAVE SPOILERS!! Some basic things to know about my experience, first I have not seen the Lego Movie, so there might be some basic references to this movie that I might have missed but I don’t think it impacted my experience at all, and secondly I am not the biggest Batman fan ever. I really enjoy Batman, but I grew up in a Marvel household. Batman was the one of the only exceptions but I wasn’t really exposed to much about Batman or the DC Universe growing up. Most of my knowledge about the lineage of Batman comes from the Adam West movie and the 80’s movie line, Batman the Animated Series, Some of the Animated movies, the Arkham video games, a few comics (Mostly ones with Harley Quinn and Joker), and the last Batman V Superman movie. I know of a lot OF characters like Calendar Man and Clayface but don’t know the history or various story lines of these characters. I really do have an appreciation for the Batman characters and hope at some point to delve more into the DC Universe, but that’s for another day, and possibly another review, so now on to the movie.

I have to say I felt the perfect level of inclusion while watching this film. The movie does a wonderful job of providing jokes that range from something children can enjoy to references that mid level Batman fans, like myself, can enjoy. There is this very nice balance within the movie of really poking fun at situations that are relatable on a personal level as opposed to just based within the Batman/ DC Universe. Honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing throughout most of this film!

The relationship between Batman and The Joker is just a phenomenal portrayal. I made it a point to not see who was doing the voice acting beforehand so that I wouldn’t have that stuck in my head while watching the film, and found that only one voice actually bothered me a little, (aside from Harley’s, which is mainly because I have my ideas about who best plays her because she’s one of my favorite characters). To my surprise, neither The Joker, nor Batman’s voices bothered me.

An interesting thing this movie does to is that it doesn’t forget that they are Lego’s. I think thats part of why I really liked this movie. So much of the Batman and DC Universe has become dark and gritty but this fun and silly adaptation is so refreshing to the franchise. I understand a lot of people really enjoy Batman being dark and gritty but I think the idea that a movie can make you laugh in a theater and leave feeling like you got your monies worth is a perfect break from the reality we walk back into once the film is over. I’m not opposed to dark and gritty but when a movie is this entertaining and so well executed, I think it’s important to note that different does not equal bad. This is a DIFFERENT Batman movie, not a BAD Batman movie.

I urge you to please give it a try and see it in theaters. I felt like you can really see care and attention to detail given to the film. It was apparent that the creators had a deep respect for the source material and crafted a well developed story with lots of homages and references. This has been the best film I have seen so far this year, and actually made it worth it for me to sit through a few other… less enjoyable… films. Again, PLEASE GO SUPPORT THIS FILM, so these creators can be given the opportunity to keep creating other amazing films!

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