Mouse Minute -Lunar New Year Take 2

Since this is my favorite time of year I was so happy to get another chance to enjoy the Lunar New Year Celebration at Disneyland California Adventure! If you haven’t read my first post about this celebration, I would go back and read that first cause in this review I just add on to it.

Now I have to start off saying I really liked that they brought out drawings of Mulan to put on the cart with the Lunar New Years merchandise. I thought it was a cute addition!

I was disappointed that only one picture had the writing to say Lunar New Year, but I’m getting the feeling they’re still testing the waters and seeing what works and what doesn’t and this will hopefully mean that we’ll see an increase in merch in future years.

I decided to try a couple of the things on my list that were sold out last time. First up was the Sticky Rice Cake with Pork from the Vietnam booth.

This is the fun part of trying unique foods… Do you eat the banana leaf or not? I didn’t, just in case. The rice inside was soft and flavored with some kind of broth or stock. I was glad I tried it but it was strange to me that the pork inside seemed to taste like chicken because of the stock used to flavor the inside rice. Definitely wasn’t my favorite dish but I see why it was sold out repeatedly. It was a very flavorful and filling dish.

Later I decided to try the banana milk from the Korea booth.

This was very delicious. I realized however I’m not used to real banana flavored anything. I think I was expecting it to taste like laffy taffy banana and I was totally wrong. It literally tasted like eating a banana. It wasn’t my favorite drink but it wasn’t bad. It definitely has a nice creamy taste and I loved the thin silky texture! If it had been lumpy I wouldn’t have liked it, so I really appreciated the texture.

After that I tried the Egg Tart from the China booth.

I completely understand why this was sold out all the time! First off this tart is like the size of an apple, much bigger than my palm. I didn’t think it would be so big because every otter egg tart I’ve seen anywhere outside the park is usually a little bigger ¬†than a quarter. Usually a two bite dessert. This was a like 20 BITE dessert!!!

As an American it’s easy to be thrown by an egg dessert because you always think… It’s scrambled eggs, but I fought against that feeling and tried this dessert. I really loved it. Unfortunately, I found it to be a bit too big for me. Despite its wonderful firm texture and delicious lightly sweetened almost but not shortbread crust, I couldn’t finish it! Now I was trying a lot of foods, but it seems some of the desserts were designed for families to share, which is great for families, not so great for dessert tasters like me. I get it but thought I should point it. You definitely get your money’s worth though!!!

Time for seconds!!! So I got another bubble tea… And drank it before getting a picture. Sorry, still getting used to this whole pause before eating thing! It was just SO GOOD!!!!! I did however go back for more almond milk and beef ribs!

I don’t know if it was because the festival was ending of what but I got a huge portion of beef ribs and was super happy about it!!! Unfortunately this time the rice wasn’t quite as soft but that’s ok. I swear too, the almond milk was such a great pairing with the ribs!

While I was waiting I caught a new performance, some dancers with drums. It was beautiful and so refreshing! I didn’t realize it was a series of dancers, so upon returning I walked into the middle of the silk dancers then the bowl dancers performances. They were all exquisite!

Random update!!!!!!!

So when did they start doing this?!

I was walking through Cars Land and there was this super cute dance party going on!!! The diner girls were doing this dance party with this car on hydrolics, playing like red light green light. I thought this was so adorable!!! And a great way to spends those little tikes left over energy so they sleep well! It was maybe 5 or 6pm so it would be perfect for wearing down tough sleepers!

Overall my trip was so fun and while I’ll be waiting for next Lunar New Year, we’ve got a lot of exciting events starting soon at Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure, so don’t forget to come back for updates on AP Days and the Food And Wine Festival!!

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